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Sage MAS 500 is the most powerful member of the Sage Software family of business management applications. Scalable to meet the needs of growing businesses, this robust SQL Server-based software system boasts integrated solutions that automate all areas of business management.

Sage MAS 500 ERP MRP Core Financials Accounting Software and CRM Software Consulting MAS 500 Distribution

Maximize your productivity with these core financial accounting software modules-General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Multicurrency Manager, and Asset Accounting.

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Inventory Management, Inventory Replenishment, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Light Manufacturing/Advanced Kitting, Product Configurator, eOrder, Warehouse Management, Warehouse Automation, and StarShip make up a comprehensive menu of convenient operational and financial accounting software tools just for distributors.

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Sage MAS 500 Manufacturing Consulting Sage MAS 500 ERP CRM Customer Relationship Management Consulting

Sage MAS 500 manufacturing capabilities are designed for a variety of discrete, process, and mixed-mode manufacturers. Modules such as Light Manufacturing/Advanced Kitting, Advanced Manufacturing, MRP, Estimating, Engineering Management, Product Configurator, Shop Floor Control, and Advanced Planning and Scheduling,

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Sage MAS 500 enables a level of integrated customer relationship management (CRM) that equips you with the front-office capabilities necessary to manage the growing demands of business while enabling your salespeople with the tools they need in the field.

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Sage MAS 500 Customization Sage MAS 500 Business Intelligence Tools

With Customizer and Application Framework, you can modify standard screens and forms to match your specific business process and improve staff productivity.

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Sage Software specializes in insightful financial accounting software and business management solutions for mid-sized firms with 20 to 1,000-plus employees. A good system will capture data. But with tools such as Business Insights Explorer and Business Analyzer, Sage MAS 500 enables you to analyze and respond to business trends.

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Sage MAS 500 Human Resources HR Consulting Sage MAS 500 ERP Project Accounting PA

Human Resources and Payroll modules provides ways for the employees to view benefits and time-off balances, while management can access sensitive information through a secure environment.

  More MAS 500 Human Resources Information

The unique ability to control projects with exceptional flexibility helps prevent cost overruns and generate bottom-line savings

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Sage MAS 500 Industry Specific

Industry Specific solutions are aimed at addressing specialized industry needs by adding new features and functions not found in our core modules.

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Here are just some of the reasons larger mid-size businesses rely on the power and flexibility of Sage MAS 500 ERP.
  • SQL Server performance and scalability. Manages high transaction volumes and rapid growth.
  • Advanced capabilities. Automate complex processes and give you the tools to manage multiple locations/facilities and international sourcing and sales.
  • Full customization. Suits company-specific processes and adapts to changing requirements.
  • Sage MAS 500 Manufacturing. Streamlines the entire manufacturing process and helps you respond quickly to customer demands. Advanced capabilities include project management, routings, bill of materials, work orders, MRP, scheduling, job costing and labor reporting.
  • Sage MAS 500 Distribution. Ideal for larger distributors with multiple warehouses, MAS 500 optimizes the supply chain, improving productivity and workflow. Reduce inventory carrying and shipping costs and manage customer returns quickly and efficiently.
  • Sage MAS 500 Project Accounting. Gives project-driven businesses the control to reduce cost overruns, improve cash flow, closely track progress and capture every billable hour.
  • Sage MAS 500 Technology. Performance for serious e-business and reliability of a Microsoft-centric foundation. Contact us today so we can help you decide whether MAS 500 is the accounting solution for your growing business.
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